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Hello and welcome to my portfolio of work that I have produced whilst being a student at Falmouth University. I have just graduated in 2021 with a First-Class Honours in BA(Hons) Interior Design and have explored all three key areas; decorative, architectural and commercial. I approach every project with the aim of creating a concept never seen before, pushing the boundaries of design and constantly having the user in mind. My surroundings constantly inspire me, whether coastal scenes or skyscrapers found in the city, I believe inspiration is everywhere. As a designer I like to work with brands and the user, look at using sustainable materials and approaches, work in an artistic manner and play with form. Finally I hope for my spaces to evoke a reaction. Enjoy!


As a designer I hope to create innovative yet timeless spaces which appreciate forecasted trends and challenge norms. My designs show an appreciation for functionality, inclusivity and sustainability, whilst meeting client objectives and enhancing user experience.


The background/ethos of buildings, site contexts, brands and people inspire my design strategy, underpinned by a strong philosophy of compelling storytelling which both informs and engages users. My overall aim is to craft experiential yet sophisticated environments that have meaning behind every detail and generate positive impacts. I approach spaces through architectural and decorative methods influenced by different art forms, such as graphics, fashion and sculpture. Materiality and unique concepts allows each project to undertake its own personality.

Welcome to my portfolio!

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